Savvy Subitizing Cards

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These Savvy Subitizing cards were designed to play a card game I call Savvy Subitizing (modeled after the game Ratuki®).  This is a deck of playing card sized cards, not a classroom sized set of cards.

This deck of 68 cards contains six different visuals for each number 0 through 10 plus two instruction cards. Each number 0 through 10 is represented in the deck with tally marks, rekenrek, ten frame, dot pattern, numeral, and finger pattern.  The written numerals are in a handwriting font so that the 4 has an open top and the 6 and 9 are easily differentiated.

The cards are bridge size playing cards and come in a box for storage.

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64 reviews for Savvy Subitizing Cards

  1. Karen Cornell

    I love how these cards provide basic number sense development by playing games! My third graders love them, and they are a durable quality product. Thank you!

  2. Suzanne Ebrahimian, math coach (verified owner)

    These cards are an awesome tool for many grade levels to build number sense, subitizing skills and just being able to see numbers arranged in multiple ways. The deck comes with directions for math games that can be played using the cards which is very helpful.

  3. Janice Skinner

    I love the versatility of these cards. I used these cards with my summer school class of incoming 1st graders. Students loved every game we played using these cards. I was able to learn so much about how my students “see” number relationships just by playing the games with them. The coolest thing was that many students began using strategies while playing the game. Winning the game was the perfect incentive to find ways to look for relationships between numbers. Well made product.

  4. Tracy Hoskins (verified owner)

    These cards are great! So many ways to represent numbers in one deck!! Very smart!! They are great for building number sense…for all ages!

  5. Susan Kenny (verified owner)

    Love these for our students! These Savvy Subitizing Cards help to build number sense at a young age in a fun way. These are engaging for all students.

  6. Stacy (verified owner)

    This product is wonderful! My kids love learning through playing the games. Thanks so much for a great resource.

  7. Vikki Riener (verified owner)

    I love these cards. I have purchased quite a few and send them home with parents to play games with students who need more ‘5-ness and 10-ness’ for a better understanding of number sense. Christina also has many youtube videos that show directions on how to use the cards with games. A MUST NEED purchase for classroom teachers and parents whose kids struggle in number sense.

  8. Jennifer

    I love using these cards for a quick warm-up, in small group interventions and for math centers. The kids are really excited to use them as well.

  9. Kim Cody (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the savvy subitizing cards! The tutor I work with and I use them all the time. There are so many different ways of using them. They are an excellent tool for building number sense! I’ve tried making my own, but these are much more durable and inexpensive!

  10. Linsey Clark (verified owner)

    A great and easy resource to play number sense games with my students!

  11. Natalie Kuhl (verified owner)

    I love these cards. You can use them so many different ways. I have laminated them and made up many original games to play with the cards. I even use them in 5th grade when we need to review a concept or for friends that need differentiated lessons.

  12. Susan (verified owner)

    Our intervention students love these and they have done so much to help these struggling young mathematicians develop number sense.

  13. LaSandra Rodríguez (verified owner)

    I have used these cards with preschoolers, kinders, and first graders. They are awesome for subitizing and games. They should be a staple in every primary classroom!

  14. Catherine Bryant (verified owner)

    These cards are wonderful for building number sense. They are very durable as well.

  15. Susan Stewart (verified owner)

    I purchased this product last year (2020/21) and used them during virtual instruction as well as in person when I returned to campus. When I started subitizing with my students I was using home made cards and the kids loved the “game”. These well made, durable cards really increased my student’s engagement and enjoyment and helped them learn relationships in a really fun way. So glad I bought them.

  16. Jules Glasgow

    These subitizing cards are awesome! I have used these with kindergartners as well as elementary aged children. I make a fun game out of it and they love it! They try and beat their time each round. What a brilliant way to teach kids about subitizing. Thank you!

  17. Marilyn E. Chambers (verified owner)

    Simple to learn, and my kids love to play this game. Love it!

  18. Stephanie (verified owner)

    I use these to show my Kindergarteners that numbers mean more than just fingers or digits (I do love that fingers are part of the set, though). Helps a lot with number sense. Great tool!

  19. Barbara Grundl (verified owner)

    I loved way it displayed the number in different ways to address learning differences. It definitely helped my students with number sense. Every primary classroom should have these

  20. K. Meyer (verified owner)

    I bought one set of the subitizing cards and we were using them so heavily I had to buy a few more sets! They are a wonderful tool for building number sense. Even older students have found them helpful.

  21. Laura Maestrello (verified owner)

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this tool! This deck provides students with fun opportunities to practice working with dots, tally marks, fingers and numerals as they develop fluent number sense skills. It is a quick addition to any lesson or tutoring session. My students beg to play!

  22. Cynthia (verified owner)

    Love these cards. I used them with 3rd and 4th grade as we were waiting in line. This year I am using them with Kindergarten. T

  23. Fadra Rogers (verified owner)

    These cards are a game changer in my K-2 school. I live that the representations are varied for learners to build number sense!

  24. LeAnn MT

    This were fantastic for my very hands-on kindergartener. She loved playing war with these.

  25. Shayna Hyde (verified owner)

    My first grade daughter loves using these! They very versatile

  26. Dawn (verified owner)

    The Saavy Subitizing Cards have many uses in my intervention classroom. I have used them to play Subitizing Bingo, Subitizing Races, Subitizing Memory, Subitizing Go Fish, and also used them as Exit Tickets. I highly recommend them for all Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade teachers. My kids love them!

  27. Jane Kern (verified owner)

    I love, love, love these subitizing cards. They show so many ways to make a number and are great for playing Memory, Go Fish, Garbage etc. they are so much better than any online version of subitizing cards. Thank you!!

  28. Kris Lautens (verified owner)

    I’m a nanny and bought these to work with a very bright four year old. He absolutely adored getting to play all sorts of games with them, and it made math time so much fun.

  29. AMY HAWKINS (verified owner)

    These are excellent for practicing so many skills… subitizing, counting, more/less, etc. The game is great but I’ve found so many other ways to use them too – limitless!

  30. Tammie J Mason (verified owner)

    These cards are a great way to see numbers in a variety of ways. Having fun learning!

  31. Susan Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I love these cards!!! The kids love playing the games too!

  32. Lisa Didia (verified owner)

    I loved these cards so much I had to get some for the other kindergarten teachers in my school and encouraged the first grade teachers to do so as well. We always play Savvy (as we call it) and use the cards in a Memory matching game as well.

  33. Danielle Burgoyne (verified owner)

    I bought these subitizing cards for my tutoring students. They are easy to use when teaching 5 and 10 benchmarks. Although I bought them for my students, my 5-year-old granddaughter with autism loves them, too. She loves to match the various representations of numbers.

  34. Melissa (verified owner)

    These are great subitizing cards! I teach kinder and I use them for partner games, small group teaching, and students can use them on their own! I’m so glad I purchased two sets! I may need a few more 🙂

  35. Sharon Lee (verified owner)

    I bought these cards the summer of 2020, hoping to use them with my students in the classroom. However, our district ended up doing distance learning all year long. I still managed to use these cards though. I scanned them and used them to create Google Slides to practice number sense with my students. It helped them to learn different ways to show a number and helped build their subitizing skills.

  36. Crystal Larocque

    Absolutely love these cards! Excellent at promoting and teaching subitizing and fun to use for games while adding a complete twist. High quality as well. Thanks for creating a much needed math tool!

  37. Kelli Fisher (verified owner)

    Well made, easy to use with students if all ages for building number sense. My school allowed me to purchase for Middle School math intervention. Everyone I use the cards with– teacher, students and parents are all impressed and have fun using them

  38. Lynn Brown (verified owner)

    Best cards ever! I used them in intervention groups from k-3 to build number sense for all 4 operations!!

  39. Lori Roth

    All the kids love to use these cards! I use them as a station to teach and review with the games suggested for K-2. Kids can not wait to come because the cards are so engaging and fun to use.

  40. Kristen (verified owner)

    I love the savvy subitizing cards. Every kid in my class has a set. I use these cards for number sense interventions. Also, my kids use them for all the card games we play in class, they are awesome!

  41. Lori Ricard (verified owner)

    Our district bought these Savvy Subitizing cards for all Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade teachers for a PD I shared with them on all the different ways (games) that can be used to build number sense. Our students and teachers love them! They are perfect for using in Learning stations. Christina Tondevold knows her stuff! I follow her blogs and have learned so much from her! I highly recommend these cards!

  42. Dan Keeler (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the Savvy Subitizing Cards from Christina’s website. They are AWESOME. I a math specialist in an elementary school and my younger kids love them. I use them from K all the way to my 3rd graders. Most recently, my 2nd graders played the “10” game. The kids loved it and want to play it all the time. This was a great purchase!

  43. Jennifer Webster (verified owner)

    I use the subitizing cards as one of my assessment tools to create an action plan for 1:1 and small group intervention. You can collect many data points with them. My students absolutely love them! We often use them as a warm up activity and when I do not choose them, the students always ask for them. So many ways to play.

  44. Kate

    Amazing tool for teaching numbers 0-10! They are great for simple matching games, go fish, memory, the game “garbage”, etc……….the possibilities are endless!

  45. Michelle Sullivan (verified owner)

    These cards are really fantastic for my kiddos to see numbers in all different forms. My one wish is that they were a bit more “durable”. I use them so much that they got pretty worn pretty quickly.

  46. LeeAnn Ramahi (verified owner)

    These cards are one of my favorites! The card material quality is excellent and the content covers so much! All ages love to play ‘Saavy Subitizing’ with these cards.

  47. Becky (verified owner)

    My students love the different games and activities we do with these cards! Definitely a great purchase!

  48. Suzanne Weider (verified owner)

    As an instructional coach and after school math tutor, I highly recommend these subitizing cards. There are so many activities you can do with them. So much so that I actually carry a deck with me into classrooms when I visit and work with various students. Loved them so much I actually bought two sets.

  49. Jennifer Harris

    These cards are game changers in the K-2 classroom. They help build conceptual number knowledge of numbers, and allow students to see numbers represented in multiple ways. There are so many ways to use these cards to reinforce number sense, and flexibility with numbers.

  50. Shawna Walker (verified owner)

    A set is an absolute necessity when teaching number sense. These cards make familiar games like memory and go fish high-impact learning activities.

  51. Christine Formica (verified owner)

    I am a math coach at an elementary school. These cards help kids see numbers in many different ways. This allows them to be flexible with numbers, which is key to understanding math. Great product. I had printed four copies of the free download, but they stick together and are harder to work with. These work much better.

  52. Lenora Reckin (verified owner)

    These cards are a valuable resource for helping children develop number sense.

  53. Linda Bowden (verified owner)

    I have purchased several decks of the savvy subitizing cards for work with K-5 students. I’m a math support paraprofessional, and I am always working on number sense activities with my students. They all love playing 1 to 10! I highly recommend them. My grandsons love them, too!

  54. Jennifer D. (verified owner)

    Love these cards! Showing my students the different ways of visualizing number values is crutial to them building number conservation so they can start calculating math facts more efficiently.

  55. Ella Barlow (verified owner)

    I loved these cards! I use them at home with my children of varying ages. The representation of numbers in a variety of formats helped them to grasp the number concept. They are a great tool for developing fluency because the kids have fun while using them.

  56. Keri Athan (verified owner)

    These cards are worth every penny! They help my students think flexibly about numbers by providing various images and representations of each number. They also help them see structures of 5 and 10 as well as help them strengthen their knowledge of these relationships. They don’t even realize all of the learning they are doing when we use them because they are having so much fun playing the games! These cards have been my go-to resource for students who need practice with number sense.

  57. Cara (verified owner)

    These cards are great! I love how they make my students think in multiple ways. Great resource!

  58. Megan Gibson (verified owner)

    These cards are great! They are very well-made and come with a plastic box for storage.

  59. Regina Najewski (verified owner)

    I have a student who attended school in the Middle East for the first 3 years of his education, and then when returning to America, he was placed back in Kindergarten. His family moved at the start of this year and he was placed in Fourth Grade, by his age. I began using these cards with him and they have been a huge help in seeing his understanding of numbers. My other fourth-graders use them for multiplication games and my lower level small groups use them for matching games. They are a great product for using with many activities and levels, all in one class!

  60. Karen (verified owner)

    These cards are the best. They are very sturdy and can be used for many years. I have seen a big increase in my students number sense knowledge, since incorporating them into our math rotations.

  61. Bernadine Reeb

    Would love these cards but the final total almost triples in cost to send to Canada. Such a shame.

    • Christina Tondevold

      I know, Bernadine. Shipping costs are going crazy right now here as well. The shipping just to get the supplies we use for these cards has doubled. We do have a free download of them that you can print for yourself on cardstock at

  62. Jamie Sparks (verified owner)

    I am a first-year math interventionist and even though we have Bridges math intervention kit, I ordered these cards just for “fun” days before breaks. My kids LOVE these games. I have so much fun playing the skip bo type game with them. All levels have enjoyed it so far. Thanks for making these. They are worth the price for teachers and moms with kids who need to learn math.

  63. Penny (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these! I started with a handmade set using your freebee cards and directions. I have since purchased multiple sets so I can play different games with different groups and not have to sort my cards every time. (Some use the 0, some don’t, some are only to 5 and some are working to 10) I love that kids are seeing the same number represented in so many different ways. The ways these cards can be used seem to be endless and they hold up much better than my handmade ones.

  64. Heather G (verified owner)

    My students LOVE these cards! They are the perfect size for their hands too! Listening to their joy as they play while recognizing numbers is the best a teacher could hope for- thank you!!

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