Place Value (Hide Zero) Cards

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The set contains one card each of the numbers 1-9, the decade numbers (10, 20, 30…), the hundreds (100, 200, 300…) and a 1000 card. This allows children to make all the numbers from 1 to 1999.

These Place Value Cards (aka Hide Zero Cards) allow children to see the value of each digit within a number. The small numbers in the upper left-hand corners of the cards shows the expanded notation to remind children that the “3” is really worth a “30.” The back of each card shows the MathRack’s visual representation of each number, to help children build spatial relationships for numbers.

If you want to print your own Place Value Cards (aka Hide Zero Cards), you can find the blackline master (for the 1-100 cards) on our Free Downloads section.

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8 reviews for Place Value (Hide Zero) Cards

  1. Stacy Stoker (verified owner)

    These are sturdy, good quality cards. I have found them useful in fifth grade for working one-on-one or in small groups to help students who are still struggling with understanding the value of the digits in a number.

  2. Danielle Burgoyne (verified owner)

    I bought these place value cards for the students I tutor. They are very helpful in understanding place value better since the number the digit represents is right in the card. My students like to build numbers with these cards.

  3. Michelle (verified owner)

    I use these to reinforce place value for grades 3-6. Students of all these grades were engaged, appreciated ‘doing something different’ and they LEARNED from them! They enjoyed them much more than the place value mats. I highly recommend them!

  4. Becky (verified owner)

    This was very helpful for students who have a difficult time understanding place value and the numbers that are “hidden” when you put together more than one digit.

  5. Megan Gibson (verified owner)

    These are laminated and very good quality. This is a great manipulative for students to understand that 145 is 100+40+5.

  6. Nicole (verified owner)

    These cards are super helpful with supporting students with understanding place and value.
    There is some unfinished learning from the virtual year, it’s nice that we can move the digits around so see how the value changes depending on the place.

  7. Anne (verified owner)

    These are so helpful! The ones I bought from Amazon don’t have the value on the top left corner. I like these better.

  8. Bill W (verified owner)

    These are very helpful because they show how the zeros change the value of the digit. These come in handy when discussing expanded form with 5th graders who have a difficult time representing a digit’s value based on the place value and the correct number of zeros needed.

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