Are you ready to Build Math Minds and not just Create Calculators?

The first place to start is to dig into what math fluency is really about.  Throughout all of elementary, we have kids who are struggling with their math fluency.  Download my K-5 Fluency Starter Kit to find out how to help them.

Teaching math isn’t easy and for a lot of teachers it isn’t fun…like AT ALL!!

With the implementation of new standards, assessments, and (for some) new curriculum, teachers are feeling bogged down and yet left out on their own to make sense of it all.



Gain knowledge of how kids learn math so that you can confidently close your textbook and do fun lessons that meet your students where they are.

Math isn’t taught, it’s caught.

What Do You Want To Help Your Students Catch?

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Hi!  I’m Christina Tondevold

a.k.a. The Recovering Traditionalist & Build Math Minds Facilitator

4 Quick Facts About Me

1.  I have 4 wonderful children and I thank the Lord that he directed me to research that changed the way I thought about mathematics before my kids arrived in my life so that I could provide math experiences for them, instead of math flash cards.

2.  I call myself a Recovering Traditionalist. I was a very traditional learner and teacher.  As a learner give me an algorithm and I could solve it,  but give me any mental math or story problems and I would start sweating.  As a teacher I stood at the front of the room and went page-by-page in the textbook, but when my students weren’t getting it I didn’t have the knowledge to help them.

3.  I belive in the power of a postitive and growth mindset (for ourselves and our kiddos). Failure is often how we learn our best lessons…yet we try too hard to not let our students fail in class. Feeding them step-by-step directions on how to solve mathematics problems is NOT truly mathematics.

4.  My muther was my junior high English teacher and she wood probably have a heart attak if she ever red anything I put out…well, accept for the first book I published (she was my editor). I donut take the time to be grammatically correct and nothin’ is ever prefect {I would rather spend my time with my kids than ensure I rote a complete sentence}.

“I have struggled with math my whole life and can honestly say I do not have good number sense because I was taught the “traditional” way as a child growing up in the 80’s. I never liked math because it was hard and never made sense to me. The Number Sense 101 course aligns foundational skills I can use to help my students truly understand numbers and how to move them through Cognitively Guided Instruction to help them achieve the facts and feel success. The assessments provided for each category will truly allow me to focus in on what each student needs and what areas to work on. I am so thankful for taking this course and I have enjoyed the “a-ha” moments I have had as I have watched each module. Instead of trying to complete 6 daily workbook pages that come with my curriculum, I am now going to provide meaningful experiences for students!” – Julie Campitelli – First Grade Teacher