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Free **Must Have** Resource For Elementary Educators:

The Building Math FluencyStarter Kit


The Building Math Fluency Starter Kit will help you kickstart your students' math fluency journey by helping you:

Understand the 3 Parts to Fluency

We want kids to be fast and accurate, but fluency also entails being flexible.  In the Starter Kit, you will see how being flexible helps kids become fluent when operating with single digit numbers all the way through operating with fractions.

Decide how to help students build fluency with their basic facts

How kids learn their basic facts impacts how they approach operations throughout all of mathematics.  In this kit we will look at a way to help kids become fluent with their facts by focusing on developing their flexibility.

Know what kinds of math experiences help kids build fluency

There is an overabundance of activities that you can give your students but what kinds help build all three areas of fluency?  You’ll find out inside the Fluency Starter Kit.

1 coffee + 1 notebook + a few planning sessions with the Starter Kit by your side = ALL the confidence you need to start building your students' math fluency.

Maybe you've been focusing on building fluency for your students, but it just doesn't seem to be working.

The Building Math Fluency Starter Kit will give you the information you need to feel confident that the activities and experiences you are providing your students are working to build their fluency.

You’ll get up from your work session feeling 100% clear about:

  • What math fluency is
  • Why flexibility is so important to math fluency
  • What it takes to build true math fluency

If you have any trouble with the pop-up form to request the Fluency Kit use the direct link here.

A note from Christina

We all want kids to be fluent in math, but how we get them there is where people vary in opinion.

My work is based on the idea that kids need to build an understanding of numbers and of the mathematics, not be asked to memorize facts and regurgitate procedures without understanding.

We are here to Build Math Minds, NOT Create Calculators.