Fluency Through Flexibility

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This book delves deeper into four relationships that build students’ number sense. Without understanding these four relationships, children are unable to think flexibly about numbers and become computationally fluent.

Fluency through Flexibility provides PreK-2nd grade teachers with information about how each relationship affects fluency as well as 15 activities for each of the four relationships to help build children’s number sense.

An assessment for each relationship is included in the book and Blackline Masters are available online for all the print materials needed for each activity.

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25 reviews for Fluency Through Flexibility

  1. Tanya


  2. Cindy

    Several years ago I purchased a 100’s Math Rack from Build Math Minds and decided what the heck I’ll purchase this book too! Best decision I’ve ever made for myself personally and our school district! One of the chapters is a needs assessment . Not paper and pencil but oral. The math coach at our school has taken this assessment -which includes what is a child’s understanding of Number Sense -and created a document for our K-2 teachers to evaluate students math understanding. This is an incredibly valuable tool as we can actually determine what children know with certainty and what we need to work on.

  3. Julia

    Such a great resource for all grades. I can use in Kindergarten or for fourth graders to need help building number sense. The math assessment in the back is my go to to figure out where to being helping my students. I’m always recommended this to teachers who need help improving math instruction.

  4. Crystal Mimbs (verified owner)

    I purchased this book because I was lost as to what to do with my third grade students who lacked number sense. This book is amazing! It offers so many easy to use activities and resources for helping build number sense. I went to our school interventionist and showed it to her, and she wants one to use.

  5. Erin (verified owner)

    This book was recommended to me by a colleague who witnessed my struggle to determine where to start with closing severe number fluency gaps my students had. The book and activities were extremely beneficial to my students and lead me to feel much more confident in pinpointing where the needs were greatest.

  6. Stacy Stoker (verified owner)

    I got this last year when I was teaching first grade and I found this resource to be really helpful. I liked that it had activities and games that build number sense, not just more drilling. I think it is important for our students to internalize strategies like one/two more and using benchmarks and not just be told how to use them on a worksheet. I also like that it has some documents to help evaluate a student’s understanding. I am now teaching fifth grade and adapting some of the activities for decimal numbers and fractional amounts. Very useful!

  7. Susan (verified owner)

    I love this book and more importantly the students really enjoy the activities that are posted. Love the price. It is so reasonable and GOOD that we were able to purchase one for each of our interventionists and our teachers K-1. Perfect for our RTI process.

  8. Hadasah (verified owner)

    For several years, I have been working with an upper elementary student who is very behind in math and cognitively challenged. He is now able to compute beautifully and can even answer questions about math concepts. However, simple math stories were impossible. I suspected he had a more basic problem. This book helped me break down the components of number sense and begin to build better skills from the bottom up. Very clear and exactly what I needed. I have shared it with colleagues who are equally impressed! Thank you so much!

  9. Christina M. (verified owner)

    This a a great resource to help you support fluency in your students’ math thinking! A must have resource for primary educators!

  10. Lisa

    Although I am not and never was a traditionalist and progressively trained having attend Bank Street College of Education, this book transformed the way I teach math. I use many of the activities outlined in the book and the students’ number sense develop dramatically.

  11. Donna Adams (verified owner)

    I purchased Christina’s book after struggling with number sense activities for my students. I love how the book was split into 4 relationships that students need to grasp in order to be successful. Each section was split into the power behind each focus and then activities students can use. It was easy to read and use with ease.
    The delivery was fairly quick as well. Christina put together a great reference tool for teachers of young students!

  12. Toby Moorhouse (verified owner)

    I purchased this book several years ago and have used it over and over again. It is an invaluable guide in my teaching. I have also purchased it for student teachers working in my classroom. It is clear, concise, and filled with information that can be immediately put into practice. Everything that Christina Tondevold creates and shares is a gold mine of insights and guidance for anyone wanting to help children go beyond memorization to true understanding of mathematics.

  13. Tracy Doverspike (verified owner)

    I’ve noticed that my students are more flexible with our number sense routines. All teachers should have this book.

  14. Ritamarie (verified owner)

    I bought this because our students who need Title I math support often have not secured number sense from their primary years. This resources is easily digestible with simple activities that build students’ efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility! Is there one for multiplication?

  15. Sarah Fry (verified owner)

    My math coach started a book study and we used Fluency Through Flexibilty: How to Build Number Sense. I really like how Christina presents the information and how each area is broken down with a lot of specific examples, look for a, and games. She includes assessment checklists to really dive in and figure out where your students are and where to go next.

  16. Becky (verified owner)

    So many great math activities in this book!

  17. Lauren Prybeck (verified owner)

    SO obsessed with this resource! As an Academic Support teacher for Grades 1, I know they will get foundational skills that will keep them learning, become flexible with numbers, and be engaged with fun games! It’s so user-friendly and immediately can be implemented into the classroom. It checks all of my boxes! 🙂

  18. Cathy Perry (verified owner)

    I purchased this to use to help our first grade team with daily fluency. It is an awesome resource- I use it to plan on a weekly basis. Great purchase!

  19. Jacinta Zavier (verified owner)

    This isna funtastic resource book complete with activities and ready to go resources. Useful in helping kids a solid foundation in making sense and using numbers. My kids and i enjoy this greatly and who says bonding only happens with language books …this resource turns into a pefect activity to play and connect with kids to create a positive approach to math

  20. Megan Gibson

    This book is a great resource. It is important information for anyone teaching elementary math.

  21. Karen (verified owner)

    Every teacher should have this book in their professional library. The number sense activities are spot on and can be used with any child struggling with number sense.

  22. Tina D (verified owner)

    Great resource for the primary math classroom!

  23. Susan Mellow

    This book, as all of Christina’s products, is a should have for every math class room PreK to 5. It is clearly written and provides wonderful activities for the four relationships; spatial, one or two/more or less, benchmarks of 5 and 10, and part-part-whole. And all the black line master are available! Fabulous,

  24. Shyrl C. (verified owner)

    This is a highly practical, easy to read and use book full of great number sense activities!

  25. Diane Hayes (verified owner)

    What a fabulous resource! It is so nice to have what I need in 1 resource. This has made intervention so much easier.

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