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The Build Math Minds podcast is for my fellow Recovering Traditionalists out there.

If you don’t know whether or not you are a Recovering Traditionalist, here’s how I define us. We are math educators who used to teach math the traditional way. Flip lesson by lesson in the textbook, directly teaching step-by-step how to solve math problems. But now, we are working to change that to a style of teaching math that is fun and meets our students where they are at, not just teaching what comes next in the textbook. We want to encourage our students to be thinkers, problem solvers, and lovers of mathematics…we are wanting to build our students math minds and not just create calculators. If that is you, then this podcast is for you.

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Episode 28: Teaching Mathematics through Problem Solving

Welcome fellow Recovering Traditionalists to Episode 28. Today we are looking at Teaching Mathematics through Problem Solving.

Unfortunately, what we think of about Problem Solving has greatly been influenced by textbooks (just another reason why I’m not a fan of them). If you open up almost any elementary math textbook you will find lessons on Problem Solving. These lessons are well-meaning but they try to teach students steps to follow when solving problems. This has always bugged me and I wasn’t quite sure how to express why until I read it in the book Teaching Mathematics through Problem Solving which is a publication of NCTM and was edited by Frank K. Lester Jr.

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Episode 27: CGI-Using Kids Intuitive Math Reasoning

Welcome fellow Recovering Traditionalists to Episode 27.  Today we are looking at Using Kids Intuitive Mathematical Reasoning

If you follow my blog, The Recovering Traditionalist, then you know that I’m doing a series of videos to kick off the school year all about how and why to teach math without a textbook…

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Episode 26: Adding it up

Welcome fellow Recovering Traditionalists to Episode 26.  Today we are looking at Adding It Up.

It’s the start of the school year here in the U.S and for many educators that means a new math textbook.  As I was reading back through the book Adding It Up: Helping Children Learn Mathematics for my recent vlog post I was reminded why I really don’t like textbooks.

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Episode 24: Exceptionally Bright Children

Welcome fellow Recovering Traditionalists to Episode 24. Today we are discussing Exceptionally Bright Children.

Ok, so I’m just going to say this upfront that this episode may go a bit longer than my normal book insight episodes and I’m going to try not to cry while doing this. I’m going to tell a personal story before I get into the book I want to talk about because I bet you probably have a child like my son in your classroom.

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Episode 23: Bottoms up Hundred Chart

Welcome fellow Recovering Traditionalists to Episode 23. Today we are looking at creating a Bottoms Up Hundred Chart.

Today’s insight comes from the article Bottoms Up Hundred Chart? by Jennifer Bay-Williams and Graham Fletcher. As you start to prepare for school to start back up, a common thing in elementary classrooms is the Hundred Chart. There are things I don’t like about using a hundred chart, but one thing they are great for is investigating patterns.

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