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The Build Math Minds podcast is for my fellow Recovering Traditionalists out there.

If you don’t know whether or not you are a Recovering Traditionalist, here’s how I define us. We are math educators who used to teach math the traditional way. Flip lesson by lesson in the textbook, directly teaching step-by-step how to solve math problems. But now, we are working to change that to a style of teaching math that is fun and meets our students where they are at, not just teaching what comes next in the textbook. We want to encourage our students to be thinkers, problem solvers, and lovers of mathematics…we are wanting to build our students math minds and not just create calculators. If that is you, then this podcast is for you.

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Episode 147: Practice Makes Permanent

Here in the United States, it is the end of the school year and teachers are contemplating what work they should send home with students for them to do over the summer. In today’s podcast, I get into why I’m not a big fan of general problem packets over the summer and how the phrase “practice makes perfect” is a little inaccurate.

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Episode 144: What is Computational Fluency?

The Flexibility Formula courses that I offer have a huge focus on how we can help kids develop number sense, but the main reason to focus on number sense is really to help your students become flexible thinkers; to build their flexibility in mathematics. In episode 144, I talk about how my courses started and the research that inspired them. Come take a listen as I discuss the concepts that make up computational fluency.

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Episode 143: Summer Reading List for Elementary Math Teachers 2022

Each of you listening to this podcast have different goals for your professional development. You have different things you are wanting to read about to help your students next year have an even better math experience in your classroom. So I’ve compiled a bunch of different lists on Amazon so you can choose from books for specific areas you want to focus on. Come check out Episode #143 where I share my summer reading lists for elementary math teachers for 2022.

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Past Episodes

Episode #1:  Children’s Mathematics: Cognitively Guided Instruction

Episode #3:  Balancing The Equation

Episode #5:  Bandaids and Bandwagons

Episode #7:  Beyond Pizzas & Pies

Episode #9:  Teaching Fractions for Understanding

Episode #11: Never Say Anything A Kid Can Say

Episode #13: Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions

Episode #15: Knowing Mathematics for Teaching

Episode #17: Why Leaders Should Eat Last

Episode #19: Elementary Math Specialists

Episode #21: Inspiration & Information from Jennifer Lagrange

Episode #23: Bottoms Up Hundred Chart

Episode #25:  Inspiration & Information from Carri Naumann-Monti

Episode #27: CGI-Using Kids Intuitive Mathematical Reasoning

Episode #29: Are you Indispensable?

Episode #31: Using your textbook as a guide with Christy Crees

Episode #33: Building Confidence in your Students with Melissa Barone

Episode #35: Features of Appropriate Math Tasks

Episode #37: Mathematical Argument in the Elementary Classroom

Episode #39: Executive Function’s Impact on Mathematics

Episode #41: Help Students Learn to Love Math with Kelly Sickle

Episode #43: Open Middle Math

Episode #45:  13 Rules that Expire

Episode #47:  Innovate Inside the Box

Episode # 49: Catalyzing Change

Episode #51: Choral Counting and Counting Collections

Episode #53: Fluency is not just Fast & Accurate

Episode #55: Teaching Math at Home

Episode #57: How to Build Math Fluency

Episode #59: Harmful Effects of Algorithm

Episode #61: The Benefits of Inventing Algorithms

Episode #63: Admitting When I’m Wrong

Episode #65: Getting Started with Educational Equity

Episode #67: Selecting & Sequencing Student Solutions

Episode #69: The 2020 Virtual Math Summit

Episode #71: Continue the Learning from the Virtual Math Summit

Episode #73: Addressing Unfinished Learning

Episode #75: Counting is a Substitute for Sense Making

Episode #77: Predicting Future Academic Success

Episode #79: How Can I Help?

Episode #81: I’m Just Bad at Math

Episode #83: Inspection-Worthy Mistakes

Episode #85: Paper-Pencil versus Mental Computation

Episode #87: The Power of Addition in Building Fluency in Subtraction

Episode #89: Understanding Equality

Episode #91: Teaching Math for Understanding

Episode #93: Constructing Goals for Student Learning

Episode #95: Is Student Achievement or Student Enjoyment Our Goal?

Episode #97: Top Elementary Math Books for Your Summer 2021 Reading

Episode #99: Preview of Andre Daughty and Alice Aspinall’s Sessions at the 2021 Virtual Math Summit

Episode #101: Preview of Dr. Nicki Newton and Ann Elise Record’s sessions at the 2021 Virtual Math Summit

Episode #103: Preview of 3 more sessions at the 2021 Virtual Math Summit

Episode #105: 3rd-5th grade sessions at the 2021 Virtual Math Summit

Episode #107: CGI Math

Episode #109: Wondering About The use of AND in math

Episode #111: Fluency is the By-Product of Flexibility

Episode #113: The Knowledge Needed for Teaching Mathematics

Episode #115: Helping Kids Make Connections in Mathematics with Kelly Rogers

Episode #117: Why I Was Gone

Episode #119: Managing Small Group Work

Episode #121: Math Problems with More Than One Answer (part 1)

Episode #123: Math Problems with More Than One Answer (part 3)

Episode #125: Less Expectation, More Appreciation

Episode #127: Thinking vs Mimicking

Episode #129: Taking it a Step Further with Fractions and Subitizing

Episode #131: Observing Math Understanding with Michelle Chu and Kristen Emmel

Episode #133: Experiences and Equity and Access

Episode #135: The Tip of the Iceberg

Episode # 137: Math in Children’s Literature

Episode #139: Should We Stop Giving Tests in Math?

Episode #141: Get the Most Out Of Math Games

Episode #143: Summer Reading List for Elementary Math Teachers 2022

Episode #145: Math Textbooks Have the Teaching of Fluency All Wrong

Episode #147: Practice Makes Permanent

Episode #2:  Three Phase Lesson Format to create a Student Centered Mathematics Classroom

Episode #4:  Inspiration from Ann Elise Record

Episode #6:  Contexts for Learning Fractions

Episode #8:  Inspiration & Information from Jeni Veale

Episode #10: Making Number Talks Matter

Episode #12: Inspiration & Information from Lisa Kuo

Episode #14: The Teaching Gap

Episode #16: Inspiration & Information from Lemi-Ola Erinkitola

Episode #18: The Professional Development Gap

Episode #20: PD at Your Fingertips

Episode #22: Young Children Reinvent Arithmetic

Episode #24: Exceptionally Bright Children

Episode #26: Adding It Up

Episode #28: Teaching Mathematics Through Problem Solving

Episode #30: Inspiration & Information from Jessica Boyer

Episode #32: You have permission with Jess Hempel & Christine Farrell

Episode #34: Effectively Using Games to Build Mathematical Thinking & Reasoning

Episode #36: Encourage Student Perseverance and Authority

Episode #38: Look for and Make Use of Structure

Episode #40:  Purposeful Practice

Episode #42: Making the Case for Play in the Classroom

Episode #44: Making Sense is First and Computation is Second

Episode #46: Get Going Using Math Manipulatives with Lori Linsmeyer

Episode #48: Developing a Culture of Questioning Can Be an Agent of Change

Episode #50: Transitioning From Teacher to Math Coach with Peggy Loutzenhiser

Episode #52: Am I a Broken Record?

Episode #54: Free Resources

Episode #56: Stop Teaching

Episode #58: Meaningful Mathematics

Episode #60: Building Self-Reliance in Math

Episode #62: The 80/20 Rule Applied to Teaching Math

Episode #64: Building Our Minds…Not Just In Math

Episode #66: Jump-start Math Class with Daily Routines

Episode #68: What Works Best

Episode #70: Implementing Ideas from the Virtual Math Summit

Episode #72: The Distance Learning Playbook

Episode #74: Why Children Have Difficulties with their Math Facts

Episode #76: Creating Images for Subitizing

Episode #78: Looking for the CAN DOs in Math

Episode #80: The 5 Strands of Mathematical Proficiency

Episode # 82: Hands-Down Conversations

Episode #84: The Dyscalculia Toolkit

Episode #86: Why Subtraction Is So Hard

Episode #88: Virtual versus Physical Manipulatives

Episode #90: The Missing Piece to Math Fluency

Episode #92: The Power of Counting

Episode #94: Small Teacher Moves with Vicki Tilson

Episode #96: This is Only a Test

Episode #98: Fluency Sessions at the Virtual Math Summit 2021

Episode #100: Preview of Dawn Dibley & Pam Tabor and Zak Champagne’s Sessions at the 2021 Virtual Math Summit

Episode #102: Equity & Access Sessions at the 2021 Virtual Math Summit

Episode #104: Two Ways to Build Number Sense (Virtual Math Summit Preview)

Episode #106: Two of my favorite ways to engage students (Virtual Math Summit Preview)

Episode #108: Creating More Wonder, Joy & Beauty in Math

Episode #110:  Responses About The Use of AND in Math

Episode #112: Types of Activities that Build Math Fluency

Episode #114: Misconceptions About Developing Fact Fluency

Episode #116: Stop Teaching Strategies

Episode #118: Making Thinking Visible

Episode #120: My Favorite Mathy Gifts for 2021

Episode #122: Teaching Division with Remainders Even in the Early Years

Episode #124: Math Problems With More Than One Answer (Part 3)

Episode #126: Powerful Moments in Math Class with Mike Flynn

Episode #128: Doing Things Differently

Episode #130: Building Our Understanding

Episode #132: The Connecting Pillar

Episode #134: Pencil or Pen?

Episode #136: Problem Solving in Math

Episode #138: More Than a Test

Episode #140: Alternatives to Math Tests

Episode #142: Nothing Lasts Forever

Episode #144: What is Computational Fluency?

Episode #146: Standard Algorithms Compared to Computational Strategies

Episode #148: Why is Understanding Fractions So Hard?