Welcome fellow Recovering Traditionalists to Episode 7 where we are going to go Beyond Pizzas & Pies.

Today I’m not going to read an insight from the book because the title says it all. Beyond Pizzas & Pies, Grades 3-5: 10 Essential Strategies for Supporting Fraction Sense

The title of this book is so powerful because it challenges us to think beyond that common context that we use for fractions: Pizzas & Pies.  This is just ONE of many things the authors, Julie McNamara & Meghan Shaughnessy, challenge us to think beyond in this book.

All the concepts that kids struggle with around fractions and even common teaching practices that aren’t developing the best fraction sense for our kiddos are addressed in this book.  

Remember these podcasts are short to give you a glimpse into the things you can learn from the book.  This book is so full of learning that it’s a true example of why I don’t go in-depth about the books because there is just too much to learn that you need to go straight to the source to learn it.  Things like helping kids understand equivalence because with fractions they see the fraction “double” yet it still stays the same?!?!?

The multiple meanings of fractions is addressed in the book and that’s where they address why we need to go beyond pizzas and pies.  One of my favorites in the book is the first chapter about the Problem with Partitioning. This addresses one of the big issues with just having kids count pieces when working with fractions.  We see it all the time when kids will just count the number of pieces shaded and count the number of total pieces in order to create the fraction. But this leads to big misconceptions.

This is actually one of the things Graham Fletcher is going to be addressing in his FREE training about Demystifying the Fraction Rules We Teach.  As many of you may know I offer online professional development courses and we are getting ready to open up registration for the Foundation of Fractions course lead by Graham Fletcher.  Before we open up registration for any course, we like to offer free trainings as well.

So if you want to learn more about the teaching of fractions in a way that goes beyond surface level rules and procedures, then I’d love for you to get registered for the FREE training about Demystifying the Fraction Rules We Teach with Graham Fletcher, which you can find links to at the show notes page buildmathminds.com/7 or if the registration for the training is closed, then go get the Beyond Pizzas & Pies book to tide you over. Every chapter has references to research along with practical things to do in your classroom to better develop the kiddos fraction sense.  The book is a pretty expensive book, but it is SOOOO worth it if you teach fractions. PLUS, Math Solutions is giving my podcast listeners a 40% discount on the book!!!!  How awesome is that!?!?! Information is below.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

FREE training Demystifying the Fraction Rules We Teach with Graham Fletcher

Online PD course Foundations of Fractions with Graham Fletcher

Beyond Pizzas & Pies, Grades 3-5: 10 Essential Strategies for Supporting Fraction Sense

**Use coupon code BOOKS40 on the Math Solutions website to get 40% off the book.


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