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Welcome fellow Recovering Traditionalists to Episode 71.  Today we are talking about ways to Continue the Learning from the Virtual Math Summit.

This week’s episode is going to be short…because I’m tired.  We just wrapped up the Virtual Math Summit for 2020. We have been working on this since November of 2019.  And when I say “we” it is just me and my two amazing teammates who help me with things here at Build Math Minds, Heidi and Kendall.  So a special shout out to those ladies.  This year I know the smoothness of the summit was due to all the work Heidi and Kendall have done.

For any of you who were here for the very first Virtual Math Summit back in 2017 then you might remember what a disaster that was!  I hosted all the videos on my own website and when the first session was released my website couldn’t handle the amount of traffic and the site shutdown.  I couldn’t get the site back up and so I was frantically trying to get all the sessions loaded up on a different site, replying to all the messages asking why they couldn’t get to the sessions, and then finally sending out emails with new links to everything.  It was horrible but once we got past the tech troubles, the summit was fantastic.   

We’ve gotten the tech figured out with the summit but there has been one thing that has always bothered me about the summit.  Every year, I have hosted the summit at the end of July or beginning of August and for some people that is a great time, but for others that isn’t because their school is already back or they are in the midst of all the planning days to get ready for back to school. 

So at the beginning of this year I had decided that the 2021 Virtual Math Summit was going to be at a different time of year.  The Virtual Math Summit for 2021 is going to be in February.  It will be during a weekend and then like always there will be free access for a little over a week to allow you to watch the sessions at a time that works for you.  We are just trying this out to see how you all like it.  There never really is a great time for everyone because teachers are so overworked.

Even though all the going back to school prep this year is even more intensive than all the other years, we still had the biggest turn out ever for the summit.  We had over 31,000 educators register for the free event and during the 10 days of free access, we had over 100,000 video views of the summit sessions.  That is way more than we had last year.  It was amazing to hear from so many teachers about what they learned during the summit.

The free access to the sessions is over but your opportunity to learn from the summit speakers is not over.  So many of them have free resources & trainings available on their sites and many others have written books that have personally changed my teaching.  Some of them even have online courses you can take to learn more from them.  If you couldn’t participate in this year’s summit or you want to continue the learning you started at the summit, I’m linking to places you can learn more from each presenter below.  And go mark your calendar for February 19-21, 2021 for the next Build Math Minds Virtual Math Summit.

Stay safe and mentally healthy during this time my friends.

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