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Daily Routines to Jump-Start Math Class by John SanGiovanni

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Welcome fellow Recovering Traditionalists to Episode 66.  Today we are talking about how to Jump-start Math Class with Daily Routines.

I was a fan of John SanGiovanni before I even knew him.  I knew of his district, Howard County and their amazing math site but didn’t know he was the head of the group that created that site.  If you aren’t familiar with the Howard County Math site, make sure you go check it out.  

I’m so excited that John is coming back this year to the present at the Build Math Minds Virtual Math SummitJohn presented back in 2018 on Using Evidence to Find Misconceptions and Do Something About Them so those of you who are members of the Build Math Minds PD site go into the Virtual Math Summit area of the site and click on 2018, you will find John’s session in there.

If you haven’t registered for this year’s Virtual Math Summit make sure you go to to get your free registration.  John will be sharing some of his favorite number sense routines that are in his new book Daily Routines to Jump-Start Math Class.  

If you aren’t doing a daily number sense routine, I really want to encourage you to do that.  I know what school is going to look like next year is still so uncertain but no matter if you are doing online, in-person, or a hybrid many of the Number Sense Routines can be adapted to fit your situation.  

There are lots of reasons why routines are so powerful and John describes them in his book but I wanted to focus on one that he mentions for this podcast.  On page 8, John writes:

“Quality practice is not defined by the number of problems students complete, the speed at which they calculate or recall, nor the number of hours they spend doing mathematics.  It is defined by what students do and how they are engaged.  Quality practice should engage students in thinking.  We mean for routines in this book to provide quality practice.  They offer unique, engaging, and diverse experiences that will help students develop their thinking skills.  They are not repetitive nor mundane.  They are not mindless drills.  These routines provide the quality practice that can help our students perform better in class, outside of the mathematics classroom, and even better on standardized tests.”

If you are looking for a way to provide quality math practice while also helping students build meaningful mathematical connections, then please go get this book and come listen to John’s presentation at the free Virtual Math Summit.  I have a discount code from Corwin, the publisher of the book, that gives you free shipping BUT right now through the end of August Corwin is doing a special discount to celebrate 30 years of publishing.  So if you go directly to their site before the end of August you will see their discount code for that special time.  

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