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Welcome fellow Recovering Traditionalists to Episode 52.  Today I’m asking Am I a Broken Record?

Today is episode 52 which means it is the 1 year anniversary of this podcast.  Today’s podcast is a bit different than what I normally do but before we get into it, I have a special announcement.  In honor of the 1 year anniversary of this podcast I’m doing a giveaway of 5 books that I’ve done a podcast about this past year and here is how you enter.

In this year the podcast has been downloaded over 122,000 times yet only 10 of you have left me a review.  I’d love to hear more of your thoughts about the podcast. So to be entered into the giveaway, go to iTunes or Stitcher to leave me a rating and a review.  In your review, let people know what you think about the podcast. In the review you can let me know which podcast about a book this past year was your favorite and if you get selected, I’ll send you that book.  If you don’t have a favorite book podcast I did, then if you are drawn for the giveaway you can tell me which book you’d like.

Each week for a year I’ve been sharing information with you through this podcast.  I also share information on my vlog each week and I’ve been doing that consistently now for almost 3 years (the first few years were very inconsistent).  

As I reflected on this anniversary of the podcast, and as I’m also planning out future vlog videos, I was questioning myself: Am I a Broken Record???

I was concerned that I am saying the same thing over and over again.

My answer is YES! I am a broken record.  BUT I think that is a good thing.

It takes us multiple times o f hearing something before it sinks in.  And even though you hear something once you might not be in a spot where it really makes sense.  Then later you hear the same thing and now you were in a different spot and it makes more sense or connects to you in a different way than it did before.

I have to remember that I hear myself say things like “number sense can’t be taught, it’s caught” a thousand times, but someone out there may have never heard me say it.  Over these years of doing online trainings, I’ve had over 100,000 people join my email list to get trainings delivered to their email inbox every week.  

That is a LOT of educators who hear my message.  But I also think that’s a small amount of educators considering how many educators there are in the world.  

So yes, I do say the same things over and over again because there are constantly new people finding me out there on the internet and through this podcast.  So I will keep saying the same things over and over so that the new people can hear it for the first time and all of you who’ve been around for awhile, I thank you for being here and I hope that when I do say those things you’ve heard me say a few times before that it might connect with you in a different way each time you hear me say it.

I hope you are enjoying the podcast and I’m excited about the future years.  Don’t forget to enter the giveaway to celebrate the 1 year anniversary by leaving me a rating and review. I love hearing the things you like and even the things you don’t like because it tells me what kinds of episodes I should do for the future. If you have feedback about the show that you don’t want to post publicly on the reviews page, feel free to reach out to me via email at or on any social media channels.  I’ll put links to all of mine at the show notes page

Again I thank you so, so much for being a part of this first year of the Build Math Minds Podcast. I really appreciate you taking me along on your journey. 

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