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Welcome fellow Recovering Traditionalists to Episode 142.  Today I’m sharing a reminder that Nothing Lasts Forever.

Over the past week I’ve seen the same message, just said or written differently, three times.  The first time, I read it and scrolled past.  But by the third time, it had actually sunk in and I started to think about the message and how it applies to myself right now and how it might also be a message some of you need to hear as well.

The message was that Nothing Lasts Forever, or This Too Shall Pass.

In life there are always ups and downs and when you are in the down times, it’s helpful to remember that “this too shall pass.”  Nothing stays this way forever.

Now this is not a message to try to tell you to stay in education. As we all know, there is a mass exodus from the profession.  Whether you continue on in education or not is a personal decision that can only be made by you.

This message is really for anything in your life that you are going through.  It might have been the hardest school year you’ve ever been through.  It might have been health problems, kid problems, spouse problems, whatever it is, your current situation will not last forever.

We tend to say “this too shall pass” when we are in those down moments, but I also want to remind you that the same is true for up moments.

When we are gliding through life and everything seems to be going great, “this too shall pass” before we know it.

With 4 kids and a hectic schedule with them, it’s so easy for me to NOT sit back and enjoy the good.  I’m just going through the day-to-day and need to remember to ‘sit in’ those moments and enjoy them, because it won’t last forever.

There’s also been times when things are going so great and I feel like I’m killin’ it as a mom…and then one of my kids goes and does something and I remember Nothing Lasts Forever.

Same is true in the classroom.  If you’ve been in education for over 5 years you’ve seen how often things change…nothing lasts forever.  Which can be annoying but there’s also some good in that as well.

As a teacher there are times when you feel like your students aren’t getting where you need them to be, but remember Nothing Lasts Forever.  Before you know it, the lightbulbs will come on and they will be off and running.

But also remember that during those times you feel like you are rockin’ as a teacher and all the kids seem to be getting it, Nothing Lasts Forever.  A week later they are working on a question and they don’t seem to remember anything you all talked about.

That’s just how life goes.

We need to learn to enjoy the good times, work through the bad times, but always remember that Nothing Lasts Forever.  Don’t get complacent during the good times.  Don’t get stopped in your tracks during the bad times.  Because, this too shall pass.

Until next week my Fellow Recovering Traditionalists, keep Building Math Minds.

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