Word Problem Types Involving Addition and Subtraction
Ann Elise Record
March 12th


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Word problem solving has traditionally been one of the most difficult aspects of math to teach. Thankfully, there is research that supports a progression of teaching various problem types that helps set a foundation of math understanding for our students. Based on the research of Thomas Carpenter et al. in Cognitively Guided Instruction, there are 15 types of single-step word problems that involve addition and subtraction alone! In order for us to facilitate our students’ navigation through exploring all these problem types, we must first become familiar with them ourselves.  The power of this work on word problem types is that they will set a foundation of understanding that will follow our young mathematicians on their math journeys as they progress through grade levels. While the numbers in the word problems become more complicated as they become multi-digit and even fractions and decimals, the underlying structures remain the same. To see all the details about what’s included in the course go HERE.

This course will be two hours of instruction delivered in one session on March 12. If you are unable to attend the live session, the recording will be emailed to all enrolled participants.