2019 Build Math Mind Mini Courses
School Purchase Order Process


If you are registering using the School Purchase Process please follow the directions below.  The School Purchase process creates an Invoice to your school that can be paid by check or credit card. This process is NOT for individuals using a personal credit card. If you are an individual paying for your own course please return here.


IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL PRIOR TO JOINING PLEASE ASK THEM HERE: support@buildmathminds.zendesk.com or use the Help button below.  If you have multiple participants on one purchase order do not use this form.


If you need to register more than one participant please email info@buildmathminds.com and provide the following:

The Name and email and mailing address of the person responsible for sending the invoice to and who oversees payment.

  • Attach your school purchase order or indicate
    • Our district/school does not need a Purchase Order or Number.
    • Our district/school Purchase Order is pending.  I will email the PO to info@buildmathminds.com when it is available.
    • Our district/school requires a Build Math Minds Invoice before PO approval.  Please send Invoice.

For each participant provide:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address
  • Course Name for each participant (please be specific as several course have the same name for different grade levels) Your order will not be processed if this information is not complete.

***By creating a School Purchase Order you are obligating your School/District to the commitment of the courses registered and for payment to Build Math Minds

Complete this form below to register a one participant in the
2019 Mini Courses

  • Please select the Mini Course by entering "1" in the quantity for the course(s) the Participant is taking.

  • NS PreK-2
  • Number Sense in PreK-2 with Christina Tondevold REGISTRATION CLOSED

  • NS 3-5
  • Price: $117.00 Quantity:
  • Math Games
  • Price: $77.00 Quantity:
  • Math Games
  • Price: $77.00 Quantity:
  • Math Games
  • Price: $77.00 Quantity:
  • Beyond Answers
  • Price: $117.00 Quantity:
  • $0.00
  • STEP 1 - School Purchaser Information

    This information should be the person responsible for purchase order processing. The participants information will be entered below.
  • We understand each District/School may have there own purchase order processes. Please choose the option below that best describes your School Purchase procedure so that we can process your transaction correctly.

  • If you are submitting a Purchase Order, please upload a PDF file of it or a picture of the PO.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
  • Enter the Mini Course participants First Name, Last Name, and Email address below.

    Please be accurate with this information! Course information will be sent to the Participant email address you enter here.