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The Flexibility Formula K-2 course is focused on helping teachers in K-2nd grade move kids past the counting stage into being able to think flexibly with numbers in order to build their fluency in addition & subtraction within 20 and then extend that into multi-digit addition & subtraction.

The Flexibility Formula 3rd-5th course is focused on helping teachers in 3rd-5th grade understand how to lay a solid foundation around numbers (whole numbers and fractions) for their students so they can think flexibly when doing operations.  You will better understand how to help your students build their fluency with multiplication & division, multi-digit addition & subtraction, and fraction operations.

The Counting on Number Sense course is focused on helping teachers in PreK-1st grade develop their understanding of counting. Helping kids learn to count is so much more than just reciting numbers.  This course will guide you through the complexities of helping your PreK-1 kiddos learn to count and build their sense of numbers while doing it.