Counting on Number Sense for PreK-1 Grades

Are you ready to build powerful little problem solvers?

Join in with other educators for Build Math Minds newly released online course where you will learn how to teach your early learners to think like mathematicians as they unlock the power of counting as the foundation of numeracy.


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Are you feeling frustrated, confused or lack confidence when you notice the following:

  • Your students lack deep number sense, and you don’t know what to do about it.
  • You desire for your students to be “good at math” but you aren’t sure how to get them there.
  • You want to engage your students in powerful counting experiences, but you aren’t exactly sure what that looks like.

After taking the Counting on Number Sense course,  you will be energized and excited because you will have gained the tools to set your students up for a lifetime of number sense. You’ll have a road map for creating confident problem solvers in your early childhood classroom. You will have a plan to move forward in your teaching with the confidence of knowing our students will be successful.

What you'll learn

With 6 Modules of training content PLUS a Bonus Module you will learn:

Counting & Number Sense

Teaching children to count while building number sense.


Identify early pitfalls in learning to count and what to do to overcome them.

Observing Student Thinking

Learn to identify if students really understand "how many" there are when counting.


Develop students that know "how many" without counting.

Up to 100

Developing a students full understanding of counting to 100.

Theory Into Practice

Create a plan to implement course concepts in your classroom with your students.

Ready to build your students powerful foundation in counting?

At the end of this course, you will have:

  • You’ll have a road map for creating confident problem solvers in your early childhood classroom. 
  • You’ll be empowered with a deep understanding of counting, the stages of counting, and of the role of language in learning to count. 
  • You’ll know how to assess for true understanding of counting. 
  • You’ll know which tools and activities are best for teaching counting. 
  • You’ll have confidence in knowing how to provide a powerful foundation in counting to set your students up for success.
  • You’ll gain time because not only will you know what to do with your students when you see that they lack deep number sense, you’ll have powerful activities and tools at your fingertips. 
  • And, finally, you’ll have a plan for how to immediately use this in your classroom. 

The Counting on Number Sense course has given me information that has helped me transform my thinking when it comes to teaching math. Learning about how students think and the different principles/stages of understanding numbers will help me better reach the students at their level. I will now be able to help my students succeed.


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From those who have learned from Sue

"I am blown away by the value of this course! It’s comprehensive content, along with rich and actionable resources, makes this learning experience one that will immediately be put into action by me with my teachers and students. Thank you so much for this amazing learning experience!"

"This course has completely impacted my teaching. I have a better understanding of where my students are at and what strategies I need to teach them to get them where they need to be. I feel like I am better qualified to teach math because of the knowledge I have gained in this course"

"I think this experience has made me a stronger teacher. I have gained a stronger knowledge of what kids should know and be able to do. I feel that I can communicate better with parents. I am much more confident in teaching math, and am more excited about this part of my day."

"This course has been monumental in changing my way of thinking about math itself and teaching math"

Your Instructor
Sue Looney

Sue Looney is the founder of Looney Math Consulting, an organization devoted to helping improve mathematics instruction. She is passionate about spreading the joy of mathematics to all learners. Sue is part of the T2T Global community where she volunteers globally to support their mission of empowering local educators to create a more just and equal world. Sue is the author of Ying and the Magic Turtle, Exemplars PreK Math, and creator of Same But Different Math. You can learn more about Sue at or follow her on Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube.

What is the time commitment?

When the course officially starts, the 5 modules are released one each week, plus an Implementation Week. Each week there is approximately 1 hour of instructional time and then an addition hour of extra reading. You have access to the course materials for 3 months from the date the course starts. You are able to watch them at anytime once the module is released.

Can I earn CEUs or Credits?

Each state has different requirements for what they accept for CEUs or Professional Development. So, check to see what is required. I offer a certificate of completion for 15 hours OR you can take the course for professional development credit through an accredited university that we have it set up through, you just need to pay the university their $60 fee for the credit. All participants have the option to take this course for 1 Professional Development Credit (also called Continuing Ed Credits) through an accredited university. We have it set up already through the university and once the course starts you can sign up with them for the credit, you just have to pay them the $60 for the 1 credit.

Do you take Purchase Orders?

If you are an individual teacher, or a group of up to 5 teachers, who needs to use a PO, use this School Registration.

 Is there a group discount?

For groups of 6 or more, $40/person is taken off the registration price. Email us at to submit a registration for 6 or more teachers. Here is more information on group pricing.

Do you have a syllabus I can show my administration?

Absolutely! For the Counting on Number Sense PreK-1 syllabus CLICK HERE.  

What if I don't finish in 3 months?

We really want you to finish! I know life is busy. Each week you can expect to spend 1- 2 hours, sometimes more, to watch videos and plan implementing what you learn. I want you to look at your schedule and see if you can commit to 2 hours a week over those 5 weeks. You do have 3 months of access to complete the content, but if you don't think you'll have time, then you can register for the 12 month access of the course or there is a way to extend your course access (by becoming a paying member of Build Math Minds) after the 3 month course access ends.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you go through the course and learn nothing new, I will refund the registration for the course!

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