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Build Math Minds provides elementary educators with online professional development. The site is usually only open once a year for enrollment but due to the current education situation we are providing some free trainings that are normally only accessible inside the paid site. I hope you enjoy these and share with other educators/parent educators you know who might enjoy them as well.

Three Types of Activities That Build Math Minds

Number Sense

Number Sense is the foundation of so many math concepts in elementary school. The first video gives you an overview of number sense and the second video gives you 20 days of number sense activities (that can even be done at home).

Number Sense Through Elementary - go HERE to get any resources mentioned in the video.

20 Days of Number Sense - go HERE to get any resources mentioned in the video.

Math in Context

The point of learning math is to be able to solve problems in our every day life. The experiences kids have with math should be the same. Kids need to see math in context, not just as equations to be solved.

Teaching Math Through Story Problems - go HERE to get any resources mentioned in the video.

Supporting Sense Making with Mathematical Bet Lines - go HERE to read the full article.


Kids need to practice math concepts. Typically we give kids worksheets, but kids can get valuable practice through games as well...and have more fun doing it.

Building Math Fluency With Games - go HERE to get any resources mentioned in the video.

Unleashing The Power of Games & Puzzles - go HERE to get the Well Played books.

Building Math Knowledge

Addition & Subtraction

Addition is more than just teaching kids to "carry the 1." Get a deeper understanding of the mathematics behind addition & subtraction.

Addition Strategies - go HERE to get any resources mentioned in the video.

Subtraction Strategies - go HERE to get any resources mentioned in the video.

Multiplication & Division

Multiplication and especially division are difficult concepts for students. We want them to be fluent with those operations, but we also need to make sure they understand what they are doing.

Teaching Multiplication & Division with Understanding 


Usually in math we jump straight to having kids operate (add, subtract, multiply, divide) with fractions, BUT they first need to have Fraction Sense.

Building Fraction Sense

Best Practices for Teaching Elementary Math

Why Math Education Has Changed

Math has changed from 'answer-getting' to 'problem-solving' but that is very different than the way we learned math. In this video Mike Flynn explains the difference and why it's so important to not just focus on answer-getting. Go HERE to get any resources mentioned in the video.

The "New" Math

Making Math Class More Like Mathematics

The "new" math really isn't new. In this webinar you will learn the history of math education and how we can stop the pendulum swing.

Tracy Zager gives us practical advice on how to make math time more like mathematics.

Using Visuals in Math

Be a Math Rebel

In this session wit Duane Habecker, we take a look at the power of using visuals to help children make sense of mathematics.

In this training with Steve Leinwand, you will get motivated to ensure policies and practices keep the focus on what is best for our students.

Meet Your Facilitator

Christina Tondevold

Christina is a math consultant and a Recovering Traditionalist. She works daily on finding a balance of procedural and conceptual experiences for teachers to help them find that same balance when teaching children. She blogs about those experiences at TheRecoveringTraditionalist.com. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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