The Build Math Minds Course Scholarship Entry

(Entry Deadline is Tuesday, September 28. Winners Notified Wednesday, September 29)


Thank you for your interest in applying for a scholarship to one of the Build Math Minds courses.  We have three online PD courses for PreK & elementary educators.  I will be awarding 9 scholarships this year, 3 for each course.  Please help me spread the word to others about the upcoming FREE webinars: The Missing Piece to Elementary Fact Fluency and The Power of Counting: 3 Reasons Why We Need to Focus on Counting in The Early Grades.

By sharing a social media post of mine about one of the webinars, or an email I’ve sent you about registering for the webinar, you can be entered to win a free registration in The Flexibility Formula (K-2 course or the 3rd-5th course) or the Counting on Number Sense PreK-1 course.

All you need to do is share the social media post or an email and grab a screen shot of your share. Then, click the link below to fill out the scholarship form and upload a screen shot/pic of your share.  Winners will be chosen from these entries using a random selection.

Share one of these social media posts before you submit your application: