Your Guide To Teaching Elementary Math Without a Textbook 

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Your Guide To Teaching Elementary Math Without a Textbook will help you see how it's possible to teach math without relying on a textbook. Yes, you might still use a textbook and you can use the ideas inside this guide to help modify your teaching, BUT I also want to push you to imagine what it would be like to fully use your students' mathematical thinking to guide your instruction.

In this guide you will learn:

  • How (and why) to have Fidelity to your students and not a curriculum.
  • The one thing that is better to focus on than your standards.
  • Ideas on how to create change in your school even if you are the only one wanting to change your instruction.
  • 3 Instructional Practices that can replace your textbook
  • Resources for where to find activities for those 3 Instructional Practices

Hi! I'm Christina Tondevold, the author of this guide. I'm a math consultant and a Recovering Traditionalist. I work daily on finding a balance of procedural and conceptual experiences for teachers to help them find that same balance when teaching children. I blog about those experiences at You can find me on Twitter and Instragram (@BuildMathMinds) and on Facebook.

In this guide, I will help you to see how teaching math without a textbook is the best way to develop your students' mathematical proficiency. You will also get ideas and resources to implement in your classroom.

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