Register Now for the 3rd-5th Number Sense

The 3rd-5th Number Sense Mini-Course is for anyone who works with children in 3rd-5th grades.

You will learn how to assess the 8 Number Sense Concepts along with activities and games to help the kiddos build their number sense in the upper grades.

You are ready to change how you teach math and how your students think about math!

  • You are looking for something that will help you with those kiddos who “just don’t get it.”
  • You have kiddos who have “learned” the multiplication strategies, yet still revert back to skip counting.
  • You are looking for how to help your kiddos who think that 2/4 is greater than 1/2, because 2 is bigger than 1!! 
  • And you want to do all this and make it FUN!!! 

The 3rd-5th Number Sense Mini-Course
is Just What You Need

What You Get With The Mini-Course

At the end of the mini-course, you will have: 

  • A clearly defined progression of what number sense looks like and how to help your students develop it.
  • Peace of mind knowing  you are heading in the right direction with your students.
  • Conceptual understanding of the math you teach.  If you are like me, you were taught the procedural steps of math but NOT the understanding behind them.

What you get out of this mini-course:

Participants will become knowledgeable about instructional practices that build connections around numbers.  You will learn the content, methods, and materials necessary to develop number sense in 3rd-5th grade and along the way become more confident in your ability to teach multi-digit addition & subtraction, multiplication & division, and fractions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the mini-course delivered?

The course consists two 2-hour sessions.  All sessions are recorded and will be downloaded to your personal device to be watched as many times as you like. All resources are downloaded for your reference.  File formats are both Google Slides or PowerPoint and Word or Google Doc.

If I enroll do I get access to Build Math Minds full PD site?

No, these mini-courses are separate from the full Build Math Minds PD site. They are delivered to you in a downloadable format for storage on your personal device.

Can I get a certificate of completion/PD hours? Can I get college credit?

Because this course is delivered to you in a downloadable format we cannot offer Certificate of Completions as we have no ability to monitor progress and completion.

Can my school pay for this?

School registrations for the Mini Course would be done using the Register Now purchase link.  The course will be delivered to the email address used in the purchase.

What grade level is this for?

The content of this mini-course is geared towards educators of 3rd-5th grade.  However, if you have students who struggle with multi-digit addition & subtraction, multiplication facts, and fractions then you will find this course helpful.

Do you take purchase orders?

Not for this course.

If I'm a member of Build Math Minds PD site, do I get a discount?

This mini-courses is available for Build Math Minds members in the BMM PD site. You do not need to purchase this course.

If I enroll in multiple mini-courses, do I get a discount?
Yes.  After you register for one of the courses, a screen will come up asking if you want to take the other grade band course for $20 off.

Hi!  I’m Christina Tondevold

a.k.a. The Recovering Traditionalist & Build Math Minds Facilitator

4 Quick Facts About Me

1.  I have 4 wonderful children and I thank the Lord that he changed the way I thought about mathematics before they arrived in my life so that I could provide math experiences for them, instead of math flash cards.

2.  I call myself a Recovering Traditionalist. I was a very traditional learner and teacher…give me an algorithm and I could solve it…give me any mental math or story problems and I would start sweating.

3.  I believe in the power of a positive and growth mindset (for ourselves and our kiddos). Failure is often how we learn our best lessons…yet we try too hard to not let our students fail in class. Feeding them step-by-step directions on how to solve mathematics problems is NOT truly mathematics.

4.  My muther was my junior high English techer and she would propably have a heart attack if she ever ready any thing I put out…well, except for the 1st book I published (she was my editor). I donut take the time to be gramatically correct and nothin is ever prefect {I would rather spend my time with my kids} than ensure I wrote a complete sentence. 😉

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