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The Best Online Math Conference … Period 



Why The Virtual Math Summit?

Get PD in Your PJs....or Poolside!

Each year at the Build Math Minds Virtual Summit, I bring in the nation's top math education experts to discuss issues concerning the teaching of elementary mathematics. 

These sessions always give practical tips and thought provoking conversations that will help make decisions about how your students will interact with mathematics this coming year. 

But, the BEST part is that it's all online! You don't have to leave the comfort of your home (or your pool) this summer to get some amazing math PD. Plus, did I mention it's FREE?!?! 

You will be able to watch all the sessions as many times as you want through August 6, 2018. After that, the sessions all go inside my Build Math Minds PD Community for members to have access to at anytime.

Virtual Math Summit 2018 Speakers 


Cynthia Nixon

The Power of Sketch

Ian Byrd

Mind-Boggling Math Curiosities

Dan Finkel

Play is the Engine of Learning

Jon Orr

How To Start A Math Fight

Marian Small

Why Teaching with Open Questions Makes All the Difference

Andrew Stadel

Bring More Students Into Math Conversations through Sense-Making

Steve Leinwand

Making the Case for Mathematics Coaches and Coaching

Lucy West

Content Coaching: The Key To Improving Mathematics Teaching and Learning

Ann Elise Record

Math Running Records - Addion Updated Version and Next Steps

Juli Dixon

Six (Un)Productive Practices in Mathematics Teaching


Tracy Zager

How Will We Know What They're Thinking?

Cathy Fosnot

Comparing Number Talks to Number Strings and Representing in Powerful Ways

Jennifer Bay-Williams

Coaching That Connects Teaching Practices to Students’ Mathematical Proficiency

Duane Habecker 

3 Reads + 5 Practices = Awesome Student Discourse

John SanGiovanni

Using Evidence to Find Misconceptions and Do Something About Them

Dr. Nicki

Leveled Math Fluency Workstations in Action k-2

Kathy Prummer

The Heart of Coaching

Robert Kaplinsky

Math Modeling Can Make You Filthy Rich

Kaneka Turner

Using Algebra Talks to Promote Algebraic Reasoning 

Christina Tondevold

Designing Your Math Time to Meet the Needs of ALL Students

Margie Pearse 

The Nonmathy Things that have a HUGE Impact on Learning Math


Lynn Rule

Mastering the MathRack

Elham Kazemi

Counting Collections in the Upper Grades

Chrissy Newell

Building Precise Mathematical Language Through Routines

Mary Mitchell

Eyes on Learning: Focused Mathematics Coaching with the Instructional Practices Inventory

Graham Fletcher

K-­5 Game Changer: The Power of Student Interviews

Kyle Pearce

Memorization vs. Automaticity: The Progression of Multiplication

Lindsey Petlak

THE FIRESTARTER SESSION: Ignite Your Passion & Burn Bright in Your Classroom and Career

Steve Wyborney

The Moment of Change: How to Leverage a Critical Moment in Math Discourse

Mike Flynn

Developing Powerful Problem Solvers Through Robotics and Play

Pam Harris

Using Models for Powerful Mathematics

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