Number Sense 101 Course

Want to learn how to help your kiddos 'catch' number sense?

Registration for the Number Sense 101 course is closed, but 

2 Levels of Course Involvement

Choose the best one for you

Need to pay using a Purchase Order? No problem! Start getting the approval started cause we know it takes a long time. Registration will open October 12-29, 2018. 

All Participants have the option to take this course for 1 Professional Development Credit (also called Continuing Ed Credits) through an accredited university. We have it set up already through the university and once the course starts you can sign up with them for the credit, you just have to pay them the $60 for the 1 credit.

Which level is right for me?

3 Month Access is best for teachers and math coaches who want to dive into the content right away and start implementing.  

In this level, you have the option to be assigned a Community Partner. This will be a person who is also enrolled in the course AND has the same role as you so that you can have someone to talk & collaborate with who is going through the same things as helps to know you aren't alone in the struggles you are having with your kiddos.  

You also get access to the private Build Math Minds Community (not the free Facebook one) which houses all the webinars I have done with amazing math educators (like Graham Fletcher, Cathy Fosnot, Dr. Nicki Newton), access to all the Virtual Math Summit sessions, access to the 5 Day Fact Fluency Trainings, and so much more.

12 Month Access is best for teachers and math coaches who plan to use the information in the videos throughout the year and may also use the videos to provide training for their staff/colleagues.  

You get all the same stuff as the 3 Month Access, just longer time to access the content.  

If you want the ability to go back through the content throughout the year, then this level is for you.

What you’ll get out of this 8-week course:

Participants will become knowledgeable about instructional practices that build connections around number. You will learn the content, methods, and materials necessary to teach number sense. You will become familiar with assessing through observation and using children’s thinking to guide instruction. You will develop an understanding of the framework for children’s development of number sense. Overall, you will become more confident in your ability to teach mathematics.

Specifically, the course will address the following concepts: 

4 Early Numeracy Concepts (Subitizing, Verbal Counting, Object Counting, and Cardinality) and the 4 Number Relationships (Spatial Relationships, One/Two More & Less, Benchmarks of 5 & 10, and Part-Part-Whole) 

All eight ideas will be investigated in-depth with these lessons: 

  • What it is & Why it is so important
  • Assessment Look Fors Explained
  • Experiences to provide your students that build the concept 
  • Games 
  • Future Impact to your students’ understanding of numbers 
  • Activities and information to share with parents

Clear & Defined Path

Most textbooks do not have number sense built into their program. You will learn the progression of number sense development AND lots of ideas to help you develop your plan of implementation.

Conceptual Understanding

It's hard to teach kids the WHY behind the math if we never learned it ourselves. Let me help you buid the connections so that you have the conceptual understandings to help your students understand the WHY behind the procedures.

Love of Teaching Math

For too many educators, math is NOT their favorite subject. If that is you, this course will help you learn to LOVE teaching math.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time committment?  

When the course officially starts, the 8 modules are released one each week. Each week you can plan to spend approximately 1.5 hours completing course content. You have access to the course materials for 3 months from the date the course starts. You are able to watch them at anytime once the module is released.  

Can I earn CEUs or Credits?  

Each state has different requirements for what they accept for CEUs or Professional Development. So, check to see what is required. We offer a certificate of completion for 15 hours OR you can take the course for professional development credit through an accredited university, you just need to pay the university their $60 fee for the credit.  

Do you take Purchase Orders?  

Absolutely, and if you need to get the company set up as a vendor download the W9. Please get the PO process started now, registration will only be open October 12 through 29.

Is there a group discount?  

For groups of 6 or more, $40/person is taken off the registration price.  

Do you have a syllabus I can show my administration?  

Absolutely! For a full syllabus CLICK HERE.