Renew your Build Math Minds Membership

Three ways to continue your BMM Membership


***Before you begin be sure to follow these directions

  • Use the email address that your membership is associated with now. Otherwise you will be creating a new account separated from all your current information.
  • If your school requires that we attach a copy of your PO to our invoice you must upload the PO during this transaction. You will enter the contact information of the party responsible for billing and then you will enter the BMM Member information.   The BMM Member entered should use the same email address of the current membership.  The contact information for the “billing responsible” can be different and is used for any billing questions or issues.
  • If your school is paying for you for ONE year but will use a credit card, use the School Purchase Order process. Put NA in the PO number field. When the Invoice is sent to your school there will be an option to pay with a credit card.

Monthly Subscription: $39 each month. Recurring until cancelled.

Annual Subscription: $468 each year. Recurring until cancelled.

Purchase Order: If your school will pay for one year of BMM.

This membership must be renewed each year. If your school requires a PO attached to our invoice you must upload the PO during this transaction. If the school will pay with a credit card put “NA” in the PO number field.