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Games are a great way for kids to build their number sense and get lots of math practice in a fun way...BUT they can be time consuming to get all the supplies ready and to teach the students the rules of the games. Evergreen games allow you to teach the rules of the games once and then switch out the math content without needing to reteach. The download contains 19 pre-made games for use in PreK-5th grade that can be modified to create an endless number of games.

  • Can be used with any grade level
  • The rules are EASY!
  • Includes examples of 5 types of games with pre-made games you can use right away or copy and edit to make even more


Endless Possibilities

In this video I show an example of each of the 5 games, but in the download you get at least 3 pre-made examples of each game. The examples include multiplication and fractions, as well as the type shown in the video. PLUS, you can make a copy of the file and use the examples as templates to modify the games to be whatever content you are currently working on.



Kids love this fast-paced game in which they can BUMP their partner off a spot on the game board.



This classic matching game can be modified to create powerful math moments for your students that help them see quantities in different ways.

Capture 4

Capture 4

Kids work on math ideas while also paying attention to the strategy in order to block their opponent from getting 4 in a row.

I have-Who Has

I Have/Who Has

Meant to be done in a small group, this activity helps students recognize quantities of all types.

Difference To

Difference To...

This game helps your students build an understanding of how numbers relate to benchmark numbers.

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