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The FREE TRAINING time has ended. The trainings have been moved into the Build Math Minds PD Community.

Want to build your math mind and your support system?

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The Build Math Minds Community is online professional development at your fingertips. 

"PD in your PJs!!!!"

Inside the BMM Community, I focus on building Content, Community, and Your Confidence. Build Math Minds is designed to build your Content Knowledge, your Confidence in teaching math, and gives you a Community of like-minded educators that understand what you are going through as you try to build math thinkers, not calculators. Each month you will see 4 new pieces of content that are created to: 


  • Build your knowledge of the procedural and conceptual sides of the mathematics you teach
  • Develop an understanding of the research-based pedagogy and theories
  • Implement the ideas in your classroom
  • Understand how mathematics concepts are connected within your grade level and with other grade levelswebinar/master class presented by a leading math education expert

Inside the Build Math Minds Community you will also have access to all the free training videos, the 27 Virtual Math Summit presentations, and past webinars I have done with leading math education experts like Dr. Nicki, NCTM President Matt Larson, Cathy Fosnot, Graham Fletcher, and many more. 

"So much is going on and time is flying, but every time I sign on I learn so much to share with my staff and friends. I love being a part of this community."

Rachael -- Elementary Math Coach

What the BMM Community offers you


As teachers, we never have enough time. I know I've spent countless hours searching and researching online, never having that "go to" place that I could always depend upon to give me great info, that was instantly applicable, and yet not too overwhelming. 

When I was in the classroom, I didn't have time to dig through pages and pages of information. I want the BMM Community to be the easy to use, "go to" place for you when you are needing to build your math mind.


Build a better uderstanding of the math content, the theory of how kids learn that content, the connectedness of mathematics, PLUS ideas on how to implement this new knowledge into your classroom. 

Every month you will get new information that will build your math mind. Plus, you always have access to past months information. 


There are lots of places you can go online to ask questions, but do you know who is responding? Do they have the same mindset about math education as you? All the educators inside the BMM Community are working on helping children become mathematical thinkers by building children's conceptual and procedural understandings. 

The community is a safe place for you to go to share your struggles and successes as you implement your new understandings.


Having a trusted colleauge or math coach who has the same beliefs about how children learn mathematics can make a world of difference in your life. Sometimes it is just nice to have someone in your corner who can say "Yes, you are headed in the right direction...Keep going!!!" 

Christina is actively involved in the forums and so are the other members. You will quickly find other educators who you will learn to trust their guidance inside the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time committment? 

The amount of time you spend in the community is up to you. Each week the content that is released may range from taking just 5 minutes to watch on up to 1 hour.

You also have access to past webinars, free trainings, and the forum area. So, you could spend time watching those as well.

What grade level is this for? 

The content inside the community spans the grade bands from PreK through 5th grade. Some months may focus more on PreK-2nd, while other months might be more 3rd-5th, and other months might be general information that spans all the grade levels.

Either way, it is a fundamental belief of mine that we all should learn about content in grades above and below the grades we teach to help us understand where our kids are coming from and where they will be going.

Can I just buy one enrollment but share the videos with my staff? 

Absolutely! If you are a math coach or teacher leader and plan to use the content during your PLCs or other collaboration times, you are welcome to show videos during that time.

However, if you want each teacher to be able to watch the trainings on their own time, whenever is convienent to them, AND for them to be able to track their hours and earn PD hours, then each person would need their own login. 

Do you take Purchase Orders?  

We take purchase orders when a school purchases a yearly enrollment. We don't take purchase orders for monthly enrollments.

When enrollment opens there is a special purchase order enrollment site. If your district needs to set up my company as a vendor, please download the W9.

Can I buy a year or 6 month membership?  

We only do monthly memberships. However, due to limitations on what/how schools can pay for items, we do offer a year of access if your school is paying. Some people don't want access over the summer, but some do and that is why we usually just offer the monthly membership

However, if for some reason your school will only do a 3 month or 6 month enrollment, just email us and we can see what we can work up. 

What if I don't want to be enrolled during summer?  

Some people don't want access over the summer, but some do and that is why we just offer the monthly membership. That way if you want to stop your membership over the summer, you can cancel your membership at anytime.

However, I do still produce content over the summer and many teachers are actually more active inside the community during the summer as they have more time to watch the videos. Another thing to think about is the price may increase, if you cancel your enrollment over the summer and then want to re-enroll later (see the question right below).

Will the price go up?  

When you enroll, your membership is locked in at that rate as long as you stay a member. As more content gets added into the community, the price of the membership will most likely go up for new members. But, your price will never go up while you are enrolled in the community. 

Why is this a recurring fee and not a one-time fee?  

Some communities are a one-time fee to join and you get access to everything they have, forever. But all you get is the stuff that they have already created and they aren't adding anything new.

In this membership community, I continually add new content each month. There are trainings that are in there already and you have access to right away, but there will always be new content being created and added. 

What's the difference between this paid community and the free Facebook group? 

The free Build Math Minds Facebook group is a place I post links to activities and other math education people that I love. Basically, I'm sharing WHAT things you should be doing in your classroom. But, I don't do any trainings in that group.

So, to me the biggest difference is that in the paid BMM community you get professional development video trainings from me that help you understand the WHY behind the math, the standards, and the activities, not just WHAT you need to be teaching. 

4 Quick Facts About Me 

  • I have 4 wonderful children and I thank the Lord that he changed the way I thought about mathematics before they arrived in my life so that I could provide math experiences for them, instead of math flash cards.
  • I call myself a Recovering Traditionalist. I was a very traditional learner and teacher....give me an algorithm and I could solve it....give me any mental math or story problems and I would start sweating.
  • I believe in the power of a positive and growth mindset (for ourselves and our kiddos). Failure is often how we learn our best lessons...yet we try too hard to not let our students fail in class. Feeding them step-by-step directions on how to solve mathematics problems is NOT truly mathematics.
  • My mother was my junior high English teacher and she would probably have a heart attack if she ever read any thing I put out....well, except for the first book I published (she was my editor). I do not take the time to be grammatically correct and nothing is ever perfect {I would rather spend my time with my kids than ensure I wrote a complete sentence}.

Build Math Minds Facilitator- Christina Tondevold, aka The Recovering Traditionalist

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